The Investment Properties department at Highland Partners Corp is focused on providing clients with customized marketing services that are property-specific to each individual asset.  In addition to the standard marketing practices offered by competing firms, Highland Partners Corp offer a unique marketing process which couples personal attention to investors and buyers active in the marketplace.

Highland Partners Corp is dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of service through the following marketing efforts:

  1. Calling all recently active investors to personally discuss each listing
  2. Post Card Mailers to over 5,000 active Investors
  3. Web-Marketing through all major Listing Services
  4. Email campaigns to active investors in the United States and abroad
  5. Newspaper and Magazine campaigns
  6. Calling owners with similar assets

By integrating market research with our investor databases we have the ability to analyze market cycles and provide our clients with the underwriting and due diligence support they need to best determine the value of their asset.